Road in where? - 2019 China furniture development trend
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Date: 2019-03-30
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The furniture industry is not only marketing, but also the products should be upgraded. There are too many companies on the edge of the furniture industry. Take Beijing as an example.



There is no booming industry that will be easy. In 2018, the furniture industry will tremble under the threat of environmental protection and sprint in the whole house customization boom.

One side is the flame of growth, and the other side is the loss of sea water; on the one hand, the listed company borrows to acquire the territory and the other side is the small and medium-sized company to make a living.

壹丨 standard tightening

The new national standard "Inner decoration and decoration materials and its manufacturing products, formaldehyde emission limit" landing, the requirements for the production of wood-based panels and panel furniture is more stringent.

There are also three national standards for furniture that have been implemented in General Technical Conditions for Metal Furniture, General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture, and Evaluation of Combustion Performance of Upholstered Furniture Mattresses.

The newly revised GB/T18107-2017 "Redwood" was officially implemented on July 1, 2018. Instead of the standard set in 2000, GB/T35475-2017 "Code for the Use of Redwood Products" was also implemented at the same time.

The group standard for indoor wall and wood recoating service and acceptance procedures (T/CNCIA02002-2017) was officially implemented on January 1, 2018. A number of new standards and new standards have been introduced in succession, and the specific indicators are much stricter than before.

It is expected that some new standards will be released in 2019. The furniture industry is not only marketing, but also the products should be upgraded. The existing enterprises actively develop and actively promote, and the industry's general trend and policies are forced to stop.

贰丨Customized to occupy C position

In the industry hotspots of 2018, more companies entered the market. There are hundreds of companies in Sichuan alone, and homogenization competition is staged.

Customization of the whole house has become a new enthusiasm. Some enterprises that have just entered the market have directly applied to the whole house for customization. In the past, they used to make custom-made wardrobe cabinets, and most of them made a custom-made signboard.

However, the current customization is relatively extensive, and the mature market is limited to custom wardrobes, custom cabinets, etc., and the proportion of custom-made orders in the whole house is not high.

Moreover, the current whole house customization is still in the stage of customizing the whole house cabinet, including wardrobes, console cabinets, TV cabinets, sideboards, bed cabinets, bookcases/window cabinets, balcony cabinets, etc., which are still far away from the full set of furniture customization. .

In 2019, a finished furniture company that has stepped into the custom field will continue to exert its strength and run through the model to compete for the market. Those who have not yet set foot in custom-made finished furniture companies should not sit idly by and may add a new entry.

Companies that have been customizing furniture for many years will further expand the category of finished products. The wardrobe cabinets are better done and may be interspersed with other cabinets or wooden doors.

The whole house is better done, considering wooden doors, sofas, beds, dining tables and chairs. There will also be new companies joining hands with flooring, bathroom, lighting, paint wallpapers and other companies to make a whole house package.

叁丨 acquisition becomes a standard for enclosures

Including Gujia Home, Meike Home, Qumei Home, Minhua Holdings, etc., all have acquisition actions.

Qumei plans to acquire EkornesASA, a company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange of Norway, for $4 billion, which owns the Stressless brand. Meike International Business Trading Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meike Home, purchased a 60% stake in M.U.S.T.HoldingsLimited Furniture Company for US$4.92 million in cash.

Gujiajiao invested 65 million euros with its own funds, established a joint venture with NATUZZI, and held a 51% stake in the joint venture company; it also acquired Xilinmen shares and Bunker to expand the scale of its superior product line.

Man Wah Holdings acquired the Vietnam Target Group, which specializes in functional sofas. Nature Home acquired Wellmann in Germany and laid out the high-end cabinet market.

In 2019, some leading companies that have not yet revealed the acquisition or investment information may have some action, and it is entirely possible to have several new acquisition cases. External VCs enter, and there are also possibilities to invest in certain potential furniture brands.

肆丨 Loss may expand

By the first half of 2018, the number of furniture manufacturing enterprises nationwide had grown to 6,217, including 958 losses, with a loss of 15.4% and a total loss of 2.06 billion yuan.

In addition, the above-scale enterprises in the furniture industry achieved a revenue of 392.76 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7%, reaching 43.37% of the main income for 2017. However, profits have fallen, with total profits of 22.3 billion yuan, down 6.1% from the same period last year.

In 2018, there were several large-scale enterprises with bankruptcy crises, including the good-looking cabinets that Ma Yizhen endorsed; Chengfeng Furniture, which claims to have an annual output value of 3 billion yuan; and a well-known doctor in Chongqing.

In addition, the growth rate of custom furniture has slipped. It used to be a year-on-year increase of more than 30%. Most of the first three quarters of 2018 fell, mostly around 20%.

Due to the slowdown in the growth of the real estate market, it is difficult for the refurbished furniture of second-hand housing to form explosive growth. Coupled with the pressure on consumer confidence, the entire consumer environment is unfavorable for mid- to high-end furniture brands.

In addition, the leading enterprises and listed furniture companies accelerated their expansion, recruited more dealers, opened more stores, and extended their hands to the third- and fifth-tier cities, which will compress the survival space of small and medium-sized companies in the original region.

For furniture companies that lack branding and do not have a large business force, the amount of losses and losses may increase, and the days will be even more difficult.

Wu Bai trade war haze

In 2018, I have been playing for a whole year. Although there is no comprehensive tax increase, the pressure on the company is indeed very large. The impact on revenue has not yet been fully revealed. The mental pressure is undoubtedly very large.

Furniture companies that are more dependent on exports to the United States may be thrilled for a while.

It is not expected to be too optimistic in 2019. The changes in the economic structure are triggering the reshuffle of the global political structure. The US will not sit idly by China's rise and may continue to launch trade wars.

Some leading companies rely more on the North American market, and even 50% bet on the United States. The risk is relatively large, opening up new overseas main battlefields, and it is recommended to put them at a strategic level.

Zhongyuan Home's North American market accounts for about 60%. Nearly half of Dream Lily’s income comes from the United States, and more than 2,000 stores have opened in the United States. However, in the domestic market, it has done a good job in recent years.

In addition, Zhejiang Yongqiang, the chair of Henglin and Yongyi, which are outdoor leisure furniture, are very important in the US market. There are also a large number of small and medium-sized furniture companies that are mainly engaged in foreign trade in Europe and the United States. The situation facing 2019 will not be much better than that in 2018, and it will be better prepared.

Lu Xin's new business exploration

Although focusing is a wonderful thing, diversifying and trying new business is also worth encouraging.

It is not a bad thing to start a new business from the furniture business. Once you have a new road to take customers, you may climb a new step.

From the situation in 2018, furniture companies, water tanks, large households, new alliances, new channels, etc., all have furniture companies to test the water.

For example, Ou Pai's self-contained large-scale home, Shangpin home-fitted cloud, Qumei and Jingdong's new shopping mall, Qumei's housekeeping, gold-plated cabinets, newly established assembly company, Sofia's investment management company, Shangpin The super-stores and complexes of the home are not necessarily able to bear fruit, but the courage to explore is itself the starting point for success.

Vibrating, fast-handed, multi-tasking, home building materials supply chain, etc., as a new sales channel turned out to be born, several companies have been included in the marketing plan. For example, in the list of cooperative customers announced by Zebra warehouse, there are companies such as Xilinmen and Goodnight.

For small and medium-sized furniture companies, because the leading enterprises are bigger, if you do not have a particularly good handcuffs, but also adhere to the practice of traditional furniture, it is very likely that even the soup is not enough.

It is recommended to explore new business, pilot new channels, etc. within an affordable range, but it is not advisable to spread the net, but after thinking clearly, choose a direction to focus on attack.

In 2019, exploring new business is still the main theme. Large companies may take the route of self-contained, investment, and multi-format stores. They may re-establish their own teams and may invest in acquiring suitable companies.

The exploration of small and medium-sized furniture companies will not stop, and it is possible to continue to develop customized businesses, or to transform the new product line.

柒丨 environmental pressure city

As early as 2014, Beijing introduced the “Emission Standard for Air Pollutants in the Wood Furniture Manufacturing Industry”, which was called “the most stringent environmental emission standard in history”. There are also many environmental requirements in the furniture industry.

At that time, the implementation intensity was not upgraded, so many furniture companies did not put it at a strategic level. After 2016, the winds changed greatly. The central environmental protection inspection team made a debut. The soldiers were divided into several roads. From top to bottom, they led the self-built inspection teams of various provinces and cities to initiate multiple rounds of inspections. It can be said that they have maintained high pressure.

Very strict, as long as you touch certain environmental protection clauses, you may be fined. In severe cases, it is directly limited or closed. There are too many companies on the edge of the furniture industry. Take Beijing as an example. In the environmental case announced in 2017, furniture companies accounted for a certain proportion.

Jingnan Yiyuan Furniture Co., Ltd. owns the Yiyiyuan brand. Because the furniture manufacturing process, the paint shop did not install the exhaust gas pollution prevention and control facilities, and directly discharged the atmosphere without treatment, and was fined 50,000 yuan. Dark horse furniture was fined 10,000 yuan for cutting machine and shaving machine without dust removal facilities, and ordered to correct within 10 days.

Beijing Yamu Meilin Furniture, did not carry out the environmental assessment procedures, did not build supporting environmental protection facilities, and did not have environmental protection acceptance, directly fined 100,000 yuan, ordered to stop production.

The environmental protection pressure in 2019 will not continue to tighten, the policy winds may be moderately relaxed, and the phenomenon of one-size-fits-all shutdown will be reduced, but it is hoped that there will be no, and strive to move closer to environmental regulations.

In addition, the application of water-based paint in the furniture industry is unstoppable and will continue to be popular. Some companies have been in action for a few years, such as Qumei Home, which started the water lacquer technical transformation project in 2012. Mengtian Wooden Door has already sold the water-based whole house, and the oil is changed to water at the end of 2017.

New retail

With the boom in new retail, retail sales across the pan-home industry are undergoing some changes.

For example, the integration of online and offline is a consensus. Most companies know that online sales must be used well.

When the online shop engages in activities, it will try its best to pull in the offline stores, cross the drainage, form a closed loop, and improve the success rate of the guests.

IKEA, which performed well in offline stores, first sold small-scale programs in 2018, and then opened 149 cities' e-commerce business and started O2O business.

The transformation of stores has become a common phenomenon with several performances:

Larger stores, increase parent-child, simple meals and other formats, eat, drink, and play a store to get, big consumption.

For example, the super-stores of Shangpin's homes, selling furniture, parent-child activities and other formats are put together. There is also a beautiful living museum like Sofia opened in Guangzhou, 1000 square meters, according to the bedroom, study and other scenes to display furniture, with a leisure balcony area, home gardening area, book bar, etc., while with the creative player floor, Netease strict selection, Ou Ruibo smart Home and ink technology cooperation, providing multi-brand shopping.

The introduction of black technology may be Tmall, or it may be a solution for Tencent and Jingdong. Red Star Macalline is pushing smart stores, Sophia is trying to try Tmall's smart stores; and Tencent's smart retail solutions introduced by Meike Home.

In 2019, smart stores equipped with functions such as face recognition, data collection, and 3D cloud design will continue to land. Some conditional furniture companies may enter Tencent or Tmall, and may also introduce solutions from companies such as Cool Jiale and 3D. .

In addition, like stores that sink to the community, designer stores, stores in office buildings, and multi-storey stores, there will still be a lot of flowers in 2019. Data collection and analysis of shoppers will be valued by more and more furniture companies.

玖丨Southeast Asia to set up factories

Affected by Sino-US trade wars, labor costs, etc., some furniture companies began to set up factories in Southeast Asia. According to Vietnamese official statistics, one-third of foreign-invested furniture companies are moved from China.

The publicly opened factory cases have at least:

Yongyi shares plans to invest US$9.5 million to build an office furniture production base in Vietnam; Henglin shares plans to invest US$48 million to build a production base in Vietnam and set up Lin Vietnam Furniture Co., Ltd.; Meike Home plans to increase capital for three Vietnamese companies. 100 million yuan; Xilinmen increased the capital of the Thai subsidiary by 20.5 million US dollars.

Earlier, Weishang Furniture licensed the local Thai factory through technical output, provided guidance on the production system, and helped to source raw materials.

Such an approach has its advantages. For example, the cost is relatively low, and it is possible to avoid the tariff pressure brought by the US trade friction; the timber resources in Southeast Asia are abundant, and the raw material cost of solid wood panel furniture can be reduced.

However, there are also problems. For example, the political trends and social stability factors of Southeast Asian countries have relatively large uncertainties. There is also a lack of well-trained labor in Southeast Asian countries. Many people are lazy and idle, and their production efficiency is much lower than that of domestic ones. Labor costs have been rising, and workers' rights protection activities are relatively frequent.

A qualified company may adopt a method of investing in a local company to achieve capacity expansion and meet the needs of the export market. Due to the relatively loose operating environment such as labor costs and environmental protection policies in some countries in Southeast Asia, furniture companies should find ways to build factories in the local area.

Pick up alliance

The cross-border alliances within the furniture enterprises and related industries have become more and more obvious. In the past, the stores were engaged in joint marketing, and now the manufacturers level has joined forces.

In August, Mousse, Ou Pai, Jiu Mu, Jian Yi, Meng Tian Mu Men, AEG, Weifa, CALIA formed the "No. 1 Alliance" and opened a preparatory meeting, all of which were signed by the chairman and general manager.

Earlier in May, Ai Jia Life, Dong Yi Ri Sheng, Love Space, and Shang Pin Home Match teamed up to set up a new era alliance of China's big home. From the public information, the purpose of this alliance is information sharing, joint procurement, Financing mutual assistance, joint marketing, etc.

Later, Jingdong and Qumei Home jointly set up a fashion lifestyle hall, 3000 flat, more than ten cross-category brands, ranging from towel cups and other daily necessities, headphones, to furniture, equipped with Take technology, WIFI probes, Smart cameras, etc., used to analyze customer data.

Xiaomi and IKEA strategic cooperation, IKEA full range of intelligent lighting products will be connected to Xiaomi's IoT platform.

The ZEALER platform teamed up with Sophia to create a 88-square-meter intelligent residential NEXT NEST in Shenzhen, accessing 103 terminals of 52 brands, and Sophia to customize the whole house furniture.

The TATA wooden door brand area is set up in the Shangpin home distribution terminal store. Users can customize the furniture and wooden doors in Shangpin. The TATA wooden door is specially developed for the Shangpin home with a wooden door style, which is presented in the home plan design and provides production support.

In 2019, the cross-border alliance of the furniture industry will become more common. Joint research and development of products, formation of packaged products, joint marketing, joint transformation of stores and mutual drainage, joint procurement, etc., various forms of alliance may emerge, have the potential to become A common phenomenon in the industry.

There are no limitations in the alliance, and it is possible with industries such as building materials, smart homes, the Internet, and software. As long as there is an intersection, it is possible to marry and complement each other.

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